Monday, May 27, 2013

The Inspiration...

I have been overweight since about 13 and it has been a gradual build up to max out at 406 pounds. The turning point came when I led a group cruise of 100 people last year and for a week I chased after them, around a huge cruise ship for 7 days. It nearly killed me.

Worse was seeing the photos afterwards. I have been fastidiously been avoiding cameras for years. These were the photos the participants took. One was a nice side-shot of me. It was not the most complimentary photo. It burned itself into my conscious. I finally knew it was time something had to be done.

I have been on all kinds of diets... loose 10 pounds here, gain back 15, loose 15, gain back 20... I am tired of that. I also realized up to that point I have been dieting for the wrong reasons. I tried to  please people, never myself.

I am happy with life, have a great job and am quite content.

This time I wanted to make the changes for me. I want to live longer.

I have been blessed not have sleep apnea or be diabetic. I am close to the cusp though. I do have high blood pressure and gout.

Just in time it seems.

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