Monday, May 27, 2013

Snip, Snip

After being accepted for surgery the weeks following was a blur of mandatory weightloss classes, check-ups, EKG and blood work. Finally the day arrived and after a surprise visit at the hospital check in by a group of friends and colleagues, I checked in for surgery.

By this time my mind was numb with trepidation but I knew I had to soldier on.

The good news was that I have lost 18 pounds on my own pre-surgery on the liquid diet. Oh, and this is embarrassing but the day before you have to take a bottle of Magnesium Citrate. Quite a powerful laxative as it turned out. Well just before taking it I had a last meal of jello.

For hours I stayed very close to the toilet and I noticed that everything I am expelling is blood red. Quite confusing as I don't seem to be bleeding between bouts on the toilet. By 10 pm it finally cleared and then it hit me! The jello! It was wild cherry flavored. What an idiot. Sigh.

Got prepped for surgery at 1pm... and waited for my surgery at 3pm. Had to ask the nurse to switch the TV off as it was showing The Green Mile, a movie about a prisoner on death row and I already was freaked out enough about surgery...

Waited until 5pm and got carted off to the OR. Scooted over to the operating table and before my head even touched the pillow I was out! Afterwards I was told that surgery started at 5:50pm and I got out at 7:15pm. Stayed in recovery until 10PM. All I can remember was a no nonsense voice telling me "Sir, you HAVE TO WAKE UP NOW!" I woke up and promptly went back to sleep. They apparently fought quite a lot to get my blood pressure down.

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