Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Them There Are Some Floating Shorts...

Okay.... I guess I am loosing weight.. fast.

Last night at the gym I was walking my laps in the pool while a little old lady was doing her own thing to the one side. She was all demure and doing tiny little movements while staying put in the same place. I was doing my drowning hippo thing, creating quite some waves... which I only realized when I turned a corner and happened to see the little old lady bopping in the pool in my wake trying to stay afloat! "Quite a fast walk there" she spurted. I apologized profusely.

So I slowed down and tried to be a bit more considerate.

At the end of my mile, I got out of the pool and while climbing out via the stairs I suddenly realized that I didn't feel the waistband of my shorts around my hips anymore. Instead I felt something slipping down my behind... OH MY GOSH, it was my shorts! Nearly dislocated my shoulder as I grabbed a handful of shorts turning. In the same movement I saw the little old lady looking at me, full face on! I could not find words!

Red faced I was out of there so fast! Frantically dressing I tried to remember if there were cameras in the pool room... Sigh. THE SHAME! Now I am swimming shorts shopping.

Also did not make it back to the gym today... My healing is not complete yet!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

82 little (BIG) fat ones...

It has been a bit since I updated this blog...

I had my 4 month post-surgery check up today and it is official...

I have lost 82 pounds!

PRAISE THE LORD! After the clinic visit, I sat in my car and suddenly started shaking uncontrollably and emotion overwhelmed me. I realized that this is the happiest moment in 20 years for me. Not from external influences, but my deep inside, core happiness.

God is good to me.

That also put me slightly ahead of the curve, I still have 2 months to loose 18 pounds to reach my original 100 pounds in 6 months goal. Better start cracking.

Had some blood work done again, to see where my levels stand. Will be interesting to see where they stand after my increase in Iron, testosterone cream and twice weekly B-12 shots.

There is a zing in my step these days! (smile)