Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Them There Are Some Floating Shorts...

Okay.... I guess I am loosing weight.. fast.

Last night at the gym I was walking my laps in the pool while a little old lady was doing her own thing to the one side. She was all demure and doing tiny little movements while staying put in the same place. I was doing my drowning hippo thing, creating quite some waves... which I only realized when I turned a corner and happened to see the little old lady bopping in the pool in my wake trying to stay afloat! "Quite a fast walk there" she spurted. I apologized profusely.

So I slowed down and tried to be a bit more considerate.

At the end of my mile, I got out of the pool and while climbing out via the stairs I suddenly realized that I didn't feel the waistband of my shorts around my hips anymore. Instead I felt something slipping down my behind... OH MY GOSH, it was my shorts! Nearly dislocated my shoulder as I grabbed a handful of shorts turning. In the same movement I saw the little old lady looking at me, full face on! I could not find words!

Red faced I was out of there so fast! Frantically dressing I tried to remember if there were cameras in the pool room... Sigh. THE SHAME! Now I am swimming shorts shopping.

Also did not make it back to the gym today... My healing is not complete yet!!

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