Friday, January 2, 2015

The journey goes on

Okay, it truly has been awhile since I posted. Was utterly amazed that this blog had 889 visitors with over 1400 page views. Wow, someone actually reads this?

January 2nd 2015, a brand new year. NOT making any resolutions, that much I can tell you.

So far I have lost 124 pounds = 56,24 KG or 8.85 stone.

What a journey. Not easy but oh so rewarding. I can now buy clothes on sale at Wal-Mart.

Let me explain, from a 5XL shirt down to a comfy 2XL. That also translates into 10 pant sizes difference. Humbling is not the word.

I get to fly all over this beautiful country and actually have extra seatbelt strap. NEVER have to humiliatingly have to ask for a seatbelt extender. Now that is empowering!

I still go to the gym, maybe I could go more...

I changed gyms and now go a 24 hour one that offers water aerobics at 5:30pm after work which works out perfect for me.

Still try to eat healthy and keep to small portions. Do not feel bad about throwing food away anymore. Stopped trying to haul everything left over to the freezer... Sick and tired of living off left-overs! Have a monthly purge of the freezer! And enjoy life!

My journey is not over yet, far from it. I can do with losing another 50 to 80 pounds. But the difference is now I know I will get there. and I am fine with it. It took 40 odd years putting it on and I am fine with loosing it over the next year!

If you are on a similar journey that me. You can do this!